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Press + Presentations

  • @Chambers Diversity Summit 2017 moderated fireside chat with María Elena Lagomasino, Managing Partner & CEO, WE Family Offices (hosted by Greenberg Traurig, Nov 2017 Miami FL USA)

  • @Future Lawyer 2017 Conference hosted by Shifter: “How to Become an Innovative Lawyer: The Proven 3-4-5 Method of Innovation Designed Specifically for Lawyers” (Nov, 2017 Oslo Norway)

  • @Harvard Law Today, Collins, Julia. Possible Futures: Thoughts on what awaits HLS and the legal profession (29 November 2017)

  • @Miami Law, Miami Law Alumni Share Memories and Lessons from their Legal Education (8 November 2017)

  • @Interlaw conference, Michele lead an interactive innovation workshop (Oct. 2017, New York)

  • Legal IT Leadership Summit hosted by iManage, Miami, FL, Michele gave a keynote: “How Law is Changing + The Importance of Creating a Culture of Creativity, Collaboration, and Innovation” (Oct, 2017, Miami FL)

  • @Janders Dean Innovation Index Awards Australia, "Innovation in Law" (August 2017 Sydney, Australia)

  • @Chilli IQ Workshop: Collaborative Problem Solving, Rebooting Adaptive Leadership (August 2017 Sydney, Australia)

  • @Legal IT, LawWithoutWalls winning team is featured in "Allen & Overy FUSE Incubator Supports Team Ithaca" (August 2017)

  • @ The Legal Transformation Conference in "Legal Tech & Innovation Developments in the US" (June, 2017 Berlin, Germany).

  • @ The Costa Rican Bar Association's conference: "Innovation in the Law:  Why Women Attorneys Will Lead the Way" (May 2017, Costa Rico).

  • @ Legal Luminary Podcast: "Innovation in the Law," (March 2017).

  • @ The Chilli IQs 10th Managing Partner Forum: Being an Agent of Change, in Byron Bay Australia, Michele will presented Innovation in Law, The Value Equation. Managing Partners Forum media release.  Click here for a review of the presentation. (Feb. 2017, Australia).

  • @ The Department of Law of the University of Pavia: Innovating Legal Studies and Practice. (Feb. 6-10 2017) Michele taught the theory, substance and practice of innovation and co-led a Hackathon with Alessandro Philip Maiano for international law students from around the world. (Feb 2017 Milan, Italy)

  • @ The University of Houston Colloquium organized by Lonny Hoffman, Michele presented a chapter from her upcoming book:  Winning the Innovation Tournament: Tactics to Transform How Lawyers Collaborate (Feb. 2017, United States).

  • @ Harvard Law School, Michele led a two-day Innovation Lab + Hackathon on Legal Education for Professor David Wilkins Problem Solving Workshop (Jan. 2017, United States).


  • Lawyerist Podcast (Nov 2016) featuring Michele "Learning Creative Problem Solving Skills"

  • In Inside Counsel (Dec. 1, 2016), “Yes, And” to Pot, Trump and 2017" Mike Evers features Michele's Keynote proposing innovation, “yes, and” thinking, and that General Counsels will be agents of change. 

  • @ ALM's InHouse Innovates Super Conference in Chicago (November 2016), Michele presented "Driving Disruptive Innovation: Redefining How Legal Departments Provide Value."

  • Chambers Diversity Seminar Chile: Challenges and Opportunities for Women in their Legal Career, in association with Carey (October 2016) Michele presented "Skills that Benefit Women in the Current Legal Working Environment: Technology, Team Work, and Creative Problem Solving." (Oct 2016 Chile)

  • @ Spotify in Fall 2016 Michele presented "The Changing Legal Landscape: How Lawyers Are Meeting (and Exceeding) its Demands" to the Spotify legal department. (Sept 2016 United States)

  • @ the Harvard Law School's, The Practice, Michele's articles and research in compliance along with the Compliance Elliance Journal (CEJ) (co-founded by Michele and Professor Hendrick Schneider, University of Leipzig) was featured (July 2016, United States).

  • @ Fordham Law School ILEC 2016 Michele Presented Innovation: How Tomorrow's Lawyers Will Practice. (Summer 2016, United States)

  • @ the Harvard Law School's, Harvard Association for Law & Business Symposium, Michele moderated a fireside chat with Horacio Gutierrez, GC of Spotify (former GC Microsoft) re: entrepreneurship and corporate governance (April 2016) (Cambridge, United States)

  • @ the ABA Tech Show in Chicago, March 2016, Michele presented on a panel re: the importance of technology, collaboration, and diversity to solve laws future problems and provide client service. (Chicago, United States)

  • @ IE Madrid Spain, LawWithoutWalls Kickoff and is featured in the following video  (May 2016, Madrid Spain)

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