Professor Michele DeStefano has been invited to speak at a number of large corporations, law conferences, leading law firms, and law schools including Microsoft, Spotify, Holland & Knight, Clayton Utz, Janders Dean, Linklaters, Blackstone, Thomson Reuters, American Bar Association, BlackStone, Proskauer Rose, White & Case, Harvard Law School, Stanford Law School, Dartmouth College, Arnold Porter Kaye Scholer, Mills Oakly, IE Business School, Interlaw, and NAFSA.

Michele’s areas of expertise include the Changing Legal Profession, Innovation, Teaming, Collaboration, Creative Problem Solving, Culture Creation, Diversity in the Legal Profession, Millennial Lawyers, Compliance/Ethics, and Technology and Virtual Education.


Professor Michele DeStefano provides consulting services to help organizations collaborate, innovate and create culture change. Using The 3-4-5 Method(tm) she developed and that has been tested on over 230 multi-disciplinary teams of professionals, Michele helps professional service firms guide teams on collaboration and innovation journeys from problem to solution.  

Note: The 3-4-5 Method(tm) is a team-based experiential innovation/collaboration process grounded in design thinking principles constructed especially for professional service providers based on their temperament, training, work preferences and innovation needs. The 3-4-5 Method works to help teams collaborate on solving a problem or seizing an opportunity of any kind whether it is to create 3 year strategic plan for the company or firm or to innovate. The Method is not only about creating solutions. It is also designed to help train the skills on the Skills Delta (including self-awareness, empathy, adaptability, cultural competency, creative problem finding and solving, business planning, communication, and collaboration). This thereby leads to the development of inclusive leaders who know how to provide client-centric full service client service that is focused on the client’s experience.


Michele also consults with companies and firms to develop new collaboration norms (especially during organizational change or merger), establish virtual teaming habits, motivates millennials and bring cross-practice, cross-border initiatives from idea to fruition. 


We create and facilitate bespoke experiential learning workshops and programs on innovation, teaming, collaborative problem finding and solving, prototyping, and pitching for law firms and legal departments.


"Michele's leadership, incredible personality, and deep industry knowledge shine through each and every time she is on the stage. I have had the pleasure to work with incredible speakers and thought-leaders in my career, and Michele is one of those special talents that ignites audience's minds and leaves audiences wanting more."

Andrew Arruda, CEO, ROSS Intelligence




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"Michele was amazing. What an impressive woman. I would go as far as to say she is the best presenter I have encountered.” 



Our clients include legal departments, law firms, professional service firms, bar associations, law schools, and non-profit organizations. We customize our offerings based on our clients needs and goals. Examples include:


• 1-hour keynote
2-hour interactive session
1-day workshop on collaboration
2-day KickOff to jumpstart a new project, strategy, or merger
3-month experiential learning program to facilitate collaboration and problem solving across department/firm and create innovations to solve real business problems

4-month innovation cycle to facilitate collaboration and problem solving across department/firm and create innovations to solve real business problems
5-day hackathon to hone intrapreneurism, and collaborative, creative problem finding and solving skills