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In today’s legal marketplace, clients are demanding services that require a new skillset and a new mindset from lawyers. They want lawyers who are teamers and leaders, who are culturally confident and intraprenurial, who can project manage with business acumen, build wide-diverse networks, and creatively problem find and solve with people from different disciplines. They want lawyers who are client-centric, focused understanding client needs and creating experiences that delight. That’s what MOVELΔW, founded and led by Professor Michele DeStefano, is all about. Whether it is through an interactive keynote, a one-day workshop, or a 4 month innovation cycle, MOVELΔW’s offerings bring a human-centered design perspective to law in order to upskill and reskill lawyers, help create culture change, develop new collaboration norms, leverage technology, and bring cross-practice, cross-border initiatives from idea to fruition.


Workshops and programs are designed to change culture and help lawyers learn to be more creative, collaborative, and innovative so that they better partner with their clients to find and creatively solve problems.


  • Shifting mindsets, transforming leadership style, and inspiring better work practices and more pro-active cross-group collaboration

  • Leveraging human-centered, design-thinking approaches to client service to increase client-centricity, collaboration, and innovation

  • Empowering professionals to collaborate, problem solve, communicate, present, and pitch more effectively'

  • Interviewing clients and understanding and identifying pain points

  • Equipping professionals with tools and techniques to lead and manage collaboration, change-initiatives, and culture-creation

  • Engaging interactive reflection to build self-awareness and identify opportunities for differentiation given the new demands of clients.

  • Facilitating project planning and kickoffs among multidisciplinary stakeholders to create the right teaming climate, set expectations, and build-buy to achieve actionable results more quickly 

  • Leading multidisciplinary teams on a collaborative, innovation journey to

    • Enhance collaborative problem finding and solving

    • Develop viable products, services, and processes that create delightful user experiences and better address clients' needs

    • Improve ideation, storytelling, presentation, communication, and pitching skills

    • Hone the mindsets and skillsets of an innovative, adaptive leader


Keynotes & Workshops to inspire and shift mindsets and learn new techniques for collaborative problem solving, client-centricity, and culture creation

2-3 Day Design Sprints to learn design thinking techniques, hone new skillsets and mindsets, and uncover actionable solutions quickly 

Project Planning & KickOff Facilitation to set expectations, inspire the right rules of engagement, and build buy-in so that teams collaborate more effectively and achieve results more efficiently

2-4 Month Innovation Journeys, grounded in design thinking, to tackle any communication, strategic, product or service challenge, and in the process, hone mindsets, skillsets and behaviors to better serve clients and create a competitive advantage

Train-the-Trainers Training on Leading & Managing Collaboration to learn technique and tools to create the right processes and procedures for a culture of collaboration that enables actionable results 

Presentation, Personal Branding, & Communication Training to help leaders leverage their personal brand and better communicate, present, and pitch to clients and colleagues for more impact and influence

FOUNDER Michele DeStefano

Professor of Law and The Larry Hoffman Greenberg Traurig Business of Law Chair, University of Miami 
Program Chair, Harvard Law School Executive Education
Affiliated Faculty, IE Law School

Co-creator & Chief Faculty Advisor, Digital Legal Exchange


Michele DeStefano is a highly innovative legal professional with a passion for creative problem-solving, collaboration, culture change, and innovation in law. As a professor at the University of Miami who teaches design thinking at the law and engineering schools and a Faculty Chair in Harvard Law School’s Executive Education Program,Michele is an internationally recognized thought leader who has been named a Legal Rebel by the ABA and one of the top 20 most innovative lawyers in North America by the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers.


Michele is the founder of LawWithoutWalls, a community of over 2,000 lawyers, business professionals, entrepreneurs, and students who collaborate to create innovations in the business of law and develop new mindsets and skill sets. She is also the co-creator of the Digital Legal Exchange, a non-profit that aims to inspire general counsel and their teams to become digital leaders in their businesses to drive commercial value.


With her extensive research and writing on topics such as client-centricity, collaboration, and innovation in law, Michele has authored multiple books, including Leader Upheaval: A Guide to Client-Centricity, Culture Creation and Collaboration; an accompanying handbook:  The Leader Upheaval Handbook: Lead Teams on a Innovation & Collaboration Journey with The 3-4-5 Method(™); as well as Legal Upheaval: A Guide to Creativity, Collaboration, and Innovation in Law, New Suits: Appetite for Disruption. Her latest scholarly articles include  Chicken or Egg: Diversity and Innovation in the Corporate Legal Marketplace, 91 Fordham L. Review 1209 (2023) and Don't Let the Digital Tail Wag the Transformation Dog: A Digital Transformation Roadmap for Corporate Counsel, 17 J. Bus. & Tech. L. 183 (2022). 


Michele earned a B.A. magna cum laude from Dartmouth College and a J.D. degree magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. Michele is a visionary who is dedicated to leading the way in transforming the professional services industry. She frequently speaks and runs workshops on  Creative problem solving, collaboration, client-centricity, culture change, strategic influence, personal branding, and innovation for professional service providers.


“We, lawyers, are normally trained and prepared to provide technical

legal advice. However, our role in corporations and firms requires an

additional set of abilities, including a wide range of skills, behaviors,

and a broad mindset. Legal Upheaval guides us into the future with a

road map to legal innovation and culture change.”

Marco Araujo, General Counsel, Global Commercial Banking & Regional General Counsel Latin America, HSBC




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