In today’s legal marketplace, clients are demanding services that require a new skill set and a new mindset from lawyers. Borne of DeStefano’s own work leading hundreds of multidisciplinary teams on innovation cycles, as well as conducting over 100 interviews of general counsels and law firm partners, Legal Upheaval provides a new understanding of the expectations of clients. In Legal Upheaval, Professor Michele DeStefano lays out the trifecta for success in a changed legal landscape: creativity, collaboration, and innovation.


In a conversational fashion, DeStefano takes us on a journey from why lawyers need to innovate to how they can do so. She unveils the Lawyer Skills Delta and maps out a methodology for filling the gaps in current legal skill sets: The 3 Rules of Engagement and The 3-4-5 Method of Innovation for Lawyers. Full of points of reflection, as well as concrete

directions, Legal Upheaval makes innovation accessible and is the playbook for lawyers looking to create stickier and more profitable client relationships.


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